All my life I have been drawn to the creative process in a variety of ways. When faced with choosing a life path my passion drew me to focus on music and the visual arts.

Over time I became accomplished in music yet my creative process demanded an additional form of expression. My passion for the visual arts was rekindled through study with Dorothy Danziger at CalArts and I have enjoyed the parallel careers of music and visual arts over the last twenty years.

Numbers and structures fascinate me. The dynamic pull between the intellect and spirit manifests in my creations. For the past five years, I’ve been focusing on the pleasures inherent in jewelry--the play of light in gemstones, the textures and weight of different metals and the technical challenges involved in making art wearable.

Music for Your Eyes, Instrument Inspired Jewelry grew out of my dual careers as I began to add flute keys into my jewelry designs. Being intrigued with using musical instrument parts as design elements, I now incorporate recycled ivory piano keys, bow hair, clarinet keys and sterling silver cast bassoon reeds in Artisan Music Jewelry.

My jewelry has been collected by people in all walks of life. I’ve been honored to make engagement and wedding rings as well as special requested pendants and earrings. I get immense joy out of designing a special piece with or for the wearer of the piece.

Your wish can be realized! Custom orders need to be placed two weeks in advance of delivery date, so it is certain to be there for that special moment.

Spring 2008 my pendant Caged Porcelain was included in the book 500 Pendants, published by Lark Books.


Wound Treasures

Twelve one-of-a-kind 30" neckaces made from leather scraps, vintage costume jewelry, cloth, yarn and ribbon. Other sizes and with semi-precious stones are available on request.

If you would like to purchase one, email Ellen. ellen(at)

$125 each

Click on image to see entire collection.



Star of David

The contrasting textures of the high polished wire
against the textured torqued triangle turn this classic
symbol into a modern art piece.



Amethyst Trio

This amethyst and earring set was made for an anniversary gift. Sterling silver with four 4x6mm gems and one large 10x12mm gem.




Turtle Pendant

A sterling silver turtle swims on top of this agate. This rugged
distressed piece, in the style of my “Found Treasure” series,
hangs from a leather cord, and was made for a man.





Family Ring

Two rings in this three-ring set include the birthstones
of the parents and children. Just as white is the combination
of all colors; the white topaz on the third ring symbolizes
the family unity.



Gem Stone Plus

I took some amethysts that this flutist owned and
created a pair of earrings just for her.



Custom Key in Frame / Pearls

This flutist liked the key in frame, but
also wanted pearls. No problem! The center key is accented
with 14K gold.




Flute Ring

I used the design from the bracelet to create
this one-of-a-kind flute ring. Your ring will be similar, but different and unique.




Classic Cross

This cross was hand fabricated from ten separate square wires.
A 5mm faceted aquamarine adorns the center. (Available with different gemstones. Price varies from $225-$265.)


Pink Tourmaline
Blue Topaz
Fire Opal
Green Tourmaline

Lapel Pin with Gem Stone

A pointed sterling silver tiny trill key and French arm hang from a gem of your choice. (Sorry, fire opal is sold out. The price of sapphire varies wildly. If interested. Please call. Please specify gem in notes to seller.

Rhodolite, Garnet, Amethyst, Blue Topaz, Citrine, Peridot,