Flutist's Dream Necklace


Solid sterling silver keys with Kazuri* beads; 14K gold filled chain and sterling silver twigs twined with 14K gold filled wire. 22-inches total length for a comfortable fit on larger women, or below the collar line for more petite women.

Specify bead design number when ordering.

*Kazuri beads are ceramic handmade beads formed, glazed and fired at a woman's cooperative in Africa. The larger beads, used on the necklace, have 14K gold glazes.

Shipping from United States

Items are shipped priority 2-3 day unless specified. Pieces under $180 are sent uninsured, and there is insurance for more expensive pieces. International orders are sent first class USPS. Please contact me if you would like a different shipping option.

Pieces may be delivered up to two weeks from placing an order, depending on stock. Please contact me for a delivery estimate.


My jewelry is guaranteed. If anything is wrong or breaks in five years, I will replace it. If you get/give it as a gift and aren't happy with that choice, send it back and you can exchange it.